Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Singapore Dog Daycare

Singapore Dog Daycare
This blog will like to talk about the importance of dog daycare and how it helps in our busy Singaporeans' lifestyle and taking care of our beloved dogs. What is dog daycare actually and do people knows the importance of daycare? What are the questions that dog owners should ask themselves when they own a dog. What are the needs of a dog and are we able to need their needs. If we do not fulfill their needs, what will happen to them in long terms. Sometimes we will need to seek some help from pet shop singapore.

Singapore Lifestyle
Singaporeans lead a very busy lifestyle. In a home, usually a new couple will start a new home in a Singapore HDB flat, Private Condo or Landed property if they have the money. Most family unit are small, consisting of the basic couple that is the husband and wife. In Singapore, to maintain most lifestyle, both Singapore husband and wife are both working hard to support their expensive houses, buy a car and enjoying a good luxury lifestyle. When both husband and wife are out working, there is no one at home in the daytime and no attention for anyone at home. Very often, Singaporeans have to work extra long hours too. Given this tough life, time is an important thing that Singapore slowly start to value alot these days.

Singapore Tough Work Life
In Singapore, lifestyle can be competitive because of the industry demands for hardworking workers. Many MNC companies have set their offices in Singapore to manage the South East Asia Region and that has happened many years ago. Some of these reasons are due to the political stability in Singapore, geographical location, strong economic business region, competitive cost of business as well as the government incentive to attract companies to come over. Given this advantage and also the low cost of labour in the neighbouring countries, the workers in Singapore has to work hard to make the money work hard for the company and also to be as good as the workers from the mother companies. Therefore Singaporeans slowly has developed a keen sense of competitiveness, and this has slowly spread from work, owning cars, owning houses, schooling, branded stuff and many many other things.

Why Singaporeans Buy Dogs
Many of these couples are likely to buy themselves a dog or couple of dogs. Maybe this is dog buying can be due to loneliness, too much money, lifestyle, peer pressure or dogs are too cute for them to resist. Loneliness caused by lack of friends due to work. Communication on casual terms are getting lesser at work as everyone is busy. Singapore do not really spend time chatting to their colleagues to know more about them due to busy at work. I guess they will only know where and how expensive is their colleagues' houses, what cars are they driving and what branded bags are they using. Therefore they become lonely after work and friends are getting rare. Coming back home will be talking to the spouse and after many years, it can develop some loneliness in the couple. Getting kids is a solution but many couples are too stress and too busy to produce some to kill of this loneliness. Working hard is to earn more money. After earning so many money, Singaporeans will have their homes, cars and branded stuffs. What is next to buy? Kids cannot be bought (Sometimes you can buy kids via some means though but we shall not discuss on this) so the next thing are pets such as cats, fishes, hamster etc. The most communicative and popular pets are dogs and that why people buy dogs to spend some money. Getting a dog can be a lifestyle like branded bags. Imaging having a well groomed dog (will need regular dog grooming and not just wash and blow) that looks nice and adorable or some dogs that are rare and expensive. This is similar to owning a big expensive bag. Some of the expensive dogs are usually show dogs or pedigree. Local breed can be lucky if you gotten a puppy from a nice parents. Puppies grows up and might change over time. Peer pressure can be very very important factors for owning a dog. Imaging your friends always bring their dogs for gathering and they exchange information about their dogs and products. Peer pressure is pretty much a power factor and people are likely to wish for similar dogs especially in the case of children who loves the adorable dogs. Dogs especially puppies are pets too cute to be resisted.

Dog Daycare Singapore
Dog daycare is an important service that family should start looking at if they are very busy at work. They may not realise the importance of it in short or long term as it can affect the character of the dogs. Dogs cannot talk but after reading this blog, you will realise what happens in the inside of the dog. Understanding the mentality of the dog is important, dogs have the intelligence of a 2 yr old kid and this means that they are like a children and will definitely hope for affection. Dog are also well known in giving affection to their owners too. Do not treat a dog like a toy as they have their emotional needs like humans. Dogs like us, needs to be loved and attention given. They will be happy if you give some attention to them, not just food, water and house to stay. If you want to get a pet that just need food, water and home, you should not get a dog; you should go for fish or hamsters. These pets do not need as much attention compared to a dog. Give the dog the due love that they need or you are not being a responsible owner.

Neglected Dogs

What happens to a dog if it is neglected? Often i see show that illustrate the owner couples going out for work while leaving the dog at home. What does the dog do at that very moment of time? The dog is barking and some are rushing out of the house and does not wish to stay at home alone. From this, you can see that dogs have emotional needs and are social animals that need to communicate and play around with other people and dogs too. A neglected dog often results in depression and develop strange behaviours that are very negative. Such actions are trying to escape and damaging the doors. Nothing better to do, so they try to play around the house, entertaining themselves, moving things and ended destroying your favourite stuff. You need to blame yourself for all these damage caused as you are partially at fault too. Dog daycare and dog boarding are totally different.

Pet Hotels for Dog Boarding
If you think that the pet shop or pet hotel singapore is providing dog hotel or dog boarding, this is just caging your dog and giving them the necessities. Emotional and attention are not given to him for typical pet hotels. To provide them with the daycare attention, they will need alot of manpower to manage the large group of dogs. Dog daycare will need a special staff to attend to a small group of dogs. These dogs should be classified according to the physical capabilities and not mix with diseased dogs or not sprayed dogs. This is to avoid the dogs from mating or transmitting any diseases to other dogs. Daycare personal will need to play with the dogs to keep them physically and mentally active. You need to know the difference of daycare and boarding, so better ask properly if the pet shop has these services or if they include these services in the program. Dog boarding Singapore has gained popularity but not for dog daycare. Very often owners thought that the pet hotels are like those hotels that the humans are staying, i advise you to go to the pet hotel to take a closer looks and check these dogs that are already there. Note if there are ticks and fleas, dirty or not, air-conditioned and if proper food and attention are given. This applies the same for dog daycare too. Check their process in taking in dogs to make sure your dogs are will protected from harm and ticks. Remember that dogs cannot complain, so it is best advised to go down and take a proper survey of the place.